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Welcome to Awesome Truth, a wrestling book club in podcast form. Every episode, your hosts Steve Cimino and Walt Schwenk will dissect a documentary or a piece of wrestling literature. From autobiographies to exposés, WWF to WCW to WWE, it's an in-depth look at pro wrestling's best stories.

Jul 26, 2022

Here are six words we thought we'd never get to say: Vince McMahon has retired from WWE. As we await details on the various crimes that finally drove the chairman from pro wrestling, we couldn't help but wonder what legacy McMahon leaves behind. Is his company in good shape? What will creative be like with Paul "Triple H" Levesque now in charge? Is World Wrestling Entertainment about to evolve and reach new heights, or is everyone fine with a lukewarm product and the hundreds of millions in TV rights that come with it? Join us as we predict the future of the post-Vince, pro-HHH era.